Glass Christmas Ornaments

$28 Each + Shipping

One Step Closer Ornament.jpeg

One Step Closer Ornament

Embrace Ornament.jpg

Embrace Ornament

A Fragile Dream Ornament.jpeg

A Fragile Dream Ornament

Believe You Can Ornament.jpeg

Believe You Can Ornament

Born This Way Ornament.jpeg

Born This Way Ornament

Nostalgia Ornament.jpeg

Nostalgia Ornament

A Spirit In Bloom Ornament.JPG

A Spirit in Bloom Ornament

A Product of Our Environment Ornament.JP

A Product of Our Environment Ornament

A Gentle Landing OrnamentJPG.JPG

A Gentle Landing Ornament

Head in the Clouds Ornament.jpeg

Head in the Clouds Ornament

Weight of the World Ornament.jpeg

Weight of the World Ornament

The Carousel of Life Ornament.jpeg

The Carousel of Life Ornament

A New Awakening Ornament.JPG

A New Awakening Ornament

A Piece of Me Tortoise Ornament.jpeg

A Piece of Me Tortoise Ornament

Dreams of Paradise Ornament.jpeg

Dreams of Paradise Ornament